my NEW addiction LOL

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My Blackberry

My Blackberry

So… those of you that know me, know i go thru cellphones like crazy.  If I have a vice, its cellular technology.  well I have others, but lets not go there 😉

The last time I talked about tech on here I was preaching the merits of the iPhone Touch.  I still have my Touch.  I still love my Touch.  BUT I no longer think the iPhone is the “primo” phone out there anymore.  That mantle has been passed to [insert drum roll here…] the Blackberry!!

No I know you’re thinking, there’s a dozen or more Blackberrys, which one?  Well to be honest I don’t really think it matters.  What I have been won over by, wasnt a specific phone, its the Blackberry experience!  No phone does what the BB (Blackberry) does, the way BB does it!  They are the true masters of multi-tasking cell phones.  You know, that “amazing” thing that the Palm Pre says “only” it can do?  Blackberry has been doing it for years LOL  That thing that the iPhone STILL cant do effectively.

Now dont get me wrong, I still think the iPhone is a hot phone.  Just not THE phone.  The Palm Pre is frankly awesome.  But after the cool factor wears off, its just another touch screen phone.  Thats the other thing.  BB has so many options!  There is a Blackberry for everyone!  From flips (Pearle) to pocket sized (Curve) to business workhorses (Bold/Tour) to amazing touchscreens (Storm).

As for me, I chose the Curve.  It’s slim, pocketable (not a word, i know), has the full BB capabilities, and its RED lol  2MP cam, video, voice recording, its an office in your pocket.  Plus the battery life is great.  I use it constantly all day, and have yet to run out of juice.  I recharge it every night and it usually still hase about 1/2 charge left when i plug it in.

Whats real funny is after I got my BB, I started to realize how many people I knew that already had them!  I was like “Why didn’t you guys tell me?” LOL  Now I’ve got my mother, my lil brother and his girlfriend all sold on BB.  Of course now my kid wants one 🙂  I may surprise her after the holiday…

So thats my new addiction.  if you have interesting BB stories or apps or whatever, hit me up!


Holidaze, circa 2009

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I always approach the holidays with a small sense of dread.  I dont exactly know why.  It’s almost like I expect something bad to happen.  It never really does, but it dosent stop me from feeling that way.  It’s not like some tragic thing has even happened to me during the holidays.  I dunno…

Anyway, this turkey day went rather well.  Aliyah and I took a drive over to the D to spend it with Mom, Zo and Deon.  Got up there just before noon Thursday, which turned out to be perfect timing.  Helped Mom finish preparing and set the table.  Of course we were waiting on Zo to show up.  Finally about 1:20ish he pops in.  Surprise surprise he’s got yet another “new” girlfriend.  Some chick named Ebony.  With three little kids in tow. Sigh. I dont know what makes him do it LOL  This chick, Ebony, at least seemed cognizant of her surroundings. She could hold a conversation.  And she seems to have established discipline in her kids.  Mom kind of played her blase but thats Mom for you.  Zo seems happy so thats all I care about.

Food was awesome of course.  Very traditional fare.  Turkey, ham, candied yams, baked mac & cheese, cranberry sauce, dressing, greens, corn bread, rolls, the works!  Afterwards we all hung out just chit chatting, catching up on things, cracking jokes and what not.  Zo and his “crew” skated out early of course.  Still it was a good evening…

Don’t know whats up for Christmas yet.  Probably wont travel.  Depends on the weather mostly. We’ll see…

WordPress for Blackberry

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Thought I’d give this app a try, having already used the iPhone version.
Right off the bat I’d have to say the iPhone version is more user friendly mostly due to the larger screen. Its also more visually appealing.
That being said, the Blackberry version is very straight forward and easy to use. Not any harder to compose in that any other BB app. Its a little unintuitive as far as viewing existing posts.
Other than that it seems to be a great tool for blogging on the fly! I recommend this app!

A distant memory…. LOL

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Wow!  I had totally forgotten about this blog LOL  I was doing a search on myself ( i do that every so often.  Good to know whats out there with your name on it 😉 ) and it popped up.  I didnt even remember having a blog on WordPress, but hey it’s all good.

I think I’m going to actually give this thing another try.  Althought between Twitter and facebook, I dont know exactly what I’ll have left over to talk about here LOL

So anyway, this is the return of my blog.  Huzzzah! LOL


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Another post from the Ipod LOL I swear this thing has become attached to my body! LOL

I have a definate love/hate thing with Michigan. I love the state. It’s beautiful! Especially the west coast (sorry Detroit). Lake Michigan is as close to an “ocean” as a lot of folks will ever get. Awesome beaches! Lighthouses, panoramic vistas… I know I sound like a brochure but it’s true LOL

On the other hand, the economy sucks. The roadways are horrible. Drugs are everywhere. And DONT get me started about the weather! 30 degrees one day and 75 the next and snow 2 days later! Only in Michigan…

But everytime I leave it, I keep coming back to it LOL something keeps pulling me back. So I guess this is where I belong…maybe I’ll finally make it up to Mackinac this summer!

Life…in general…

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Sometimes I sit and think back on the many things that have shaped my life and made me the man I am today.  I wonder who (if any) different I would be if I had made choices other than what I did.

I mean, there’s not too much that I have done in my life that I really regret, other than my failed marriage.  I’ve had my crazy highs and lived through some depressing lows but overall I think I’ve led a pretty decent life.

I think wacthing my grandmother go through physical therapy as she trys to recuperate from knee replacement surgery has me thinking about my mortality.  Not being fatalistic by any means, its just that I have so much more I’d like to do with my life yet.  So much more I’d like to do with my kid.  So much time I’d love to devote to someone who loves me.  Gads I’m sounding like a Lifetime movie LOL

I’m really starting to think its time to seriously think about “settling down”.  Man what does that mean?


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The Watchmen. Possibly the best of the “super hero” movies made yet. Definately an adult feature. Lots of graphic violence and nudity, but suprisingly, none of it felt gratuitous.

I’d read the graphic novel previously, so I was prepared to be disappointed by a watered down version. I was totally wrong. The movie is very true to the novel almost page for page. Captures all of the frustration, angst, and despair of the original story. It’s a long movie but it had my attention from begining to end. I recommend this movie!

Side note: who knew dr. Manhattan was a nudist? LOL
Rated R – violence nudity strong sexual content